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Please understand PSA games are played at facilities located throughout the area.  Some facilities may be affected by weather when others are not.  We will update the website immediately with any changes. 


As always, the decision to attend the activity is the parents’ responsibility.  If you feel your child should not attend an outdoor activity, please don’t.  We appreciate your continued support.




Outdoor Sports Cancellation information:
If we experience bad weather during the week (Monday – Friday), the city will check the fields sometime early afternoon and notify PSA by 4pm on whether or not the fields are playable. We will update this page as soon as possible
so those who are scheduled to play the first game of the night will have plenty of notice.

If we experience bad weather over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), PSA league coordinators and directors will check the fields and update by 7am on Saturdays and 12pm on Sundays. If it starts to rain throughout the day, please continue to check the cancellations tab for any updates. Each park and field is different, if you don't see your field listed as cancelled, your game is being played.


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