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PSA and Plano Pack Wrestling Spring Wrestling Season!

Spring wrestling will focus on Olympic style wrestling (Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling).  This style of wrestling is what you can watch at the Olympics this summer.  It’s a fast-paced and action packed style of wrestling.  It’s a great way to learn the sport if you’re new to wrestling; it’s also a great time to get better for next year’s folk style season.

Freestyle wrestling is fun! It is very exciting, creative, and dynamic because you can score points from almost anywhere. Wrestlers will receive more points for a spectacular throw, 5 points, than you do a normal takedown, 1 point. Freestyle takes less control of your opponent to score points. Flip your opponent to his/her back and get two points. You don't even have to hold your opponent on his/her back to score but if you do you will get more points. Many wrestlers love freestyle because it’s fast, exciting, and it’s way easier to score points. Most freestyle matches also are mostly on your feet in the neutral position. Everyone loves to go takedowns. That's 80% of freestyle/Greco-Roman wrestling. 

Spring wrestling is also great for athletes that would like to try another sport.  Here are a few articles discussing football and wrestling and how well they complement each other.




NFL players who wrestled

Why football coaches prefer multi-sport athletes



Fees:  TBD New Wrestlers

TBD Returning Wrestlers from Fall

1st-High school will register through PSA.

 Contact Club Director Stephen Woods


Fee Includes:  New wrestler fee includes USA Wrestling Registration and wrestling gear package (bag, singlet, shorts, t-shirt and headgear)

                                          Practice times and locations: TBD

For More Information Contact Stephen Woods- 972-670-7610 or







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Spring Wrestling Season begins Monday, February 27


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