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PSA Camp Policies

Extended Care, Drop Off, Pick Up & Late Policies

Parents are given a 15 MINUTE GRACE PERIOD to pick up kids from camp.  After that $1 a minute will be charged, payable to PSA.   Add Ons 1/2 day, Intro Add Ons, Before and After care passes can be purchased to extend your child’s camp day.


We highly recommend that an adult bring the child into PSA for the morning check in.  There will be computer stations set up for all camp check-ins.  Check FlexiPass Policies for campers in that program.  If someone other than the child’s parent is responsible for pickup, PSA requires a note with that person’s name.  PSA will not release a child to an unapproved person.  No child will be allowed to walk out of PSA to a waiting car.  Each child must be picked up by a pre-approved adult.  This includes Sports Camps as well as FlexiPass camp.




Health of the Child 

If your child is not feeling well, please do not bring them to camp.  To protect children from communicable illnesses, campers should be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to camp.  These include:


  • Fever over 100.4 degrees.  Campers must be fever free for 24 hours without medication before re-admittance.

  • Undetermined rash and fever

  • Undiagnosed scaly patches

  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

  • Red, draining eyes

  • Intense itching with signs and symptoms of secondary infection

  • Open, draining lesions

  • Lice, nits on shaft of hair, until treatment is verified

  • If a child is injured during the camp day, we will treat to the best of our ability within reason.  If it is something that needs more than rest or a band-aid, the parent or guardian will be contacted as soon as possible.  Please make sure to provide emergency contact numbers on your application.

  • If a child becomes sick during the camp day, we will make every effort to see if rest can help the situation.  If the child is insistent on going home, we will have to contact the parent or guardian.


Camp Rules and Policies


  • Please wear appropriate clothing for a sports camp.  We require tennis shoes for court play;  no flip flops or sandals. Jeans are not something we recommend for play during the camp day.

  • The campers must respect the counselors and other campers at all times.  We will deal with indiscretions on a one-on-one basis.  Our understanding is that children put into competitive situations will not always react in the proper way.  We look upon ourselves as teachers and mentors to these kids and will work with them to learn how to better react to certain situations.  It is up to the camp director to decide if or when a child should be removed from camp for disciplinary actions.  Actions that would be deemed removable offenses from camp on a temporary or permanent basis may include: hitting, biting, bullying or not listening to counselors or staff on a continuous basis.
  • We recommend that electronic devices not be brought to camp.  We understand that the kids enjoy visiting with others about games they have and it is a social ice breaker in a way but we require the kids to be responsible for their gaming system.  They are only allowed out before camp starts; during game period and at the end of camp while waiting for parents.
  • There is to be no outside food or drinks brought into PSA.  Food allergies and religious eating restrictions will be addressed on an individual basis.


Refund Policies

  • All FlexiPass days including Before/After Care will expire at the end of the summer and will not eligible for refund.  Any unused days will be forfeited.

  • Any cancellation of a sports camp must be made two weeks prior to the start date of the camp.  A credit of the camp registration fee less $25 admin fee will be applied to the camper’s account and may be used for any future sports/activities at PSA. 

  • Credits will be applied to camper’s account only, no refunds will be given.


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