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Cheer Camps


Cheerleading is a dynamic, fun filled program combining dance, jumps, cheers, and chants.  Cheerleaders today are disciplined, accomplished athletes.  Cheerleading develops strength, flexibility, spunk and power.  It teaches athletes about teamwork, commitment, responsibility and camaraderie.  Children will learn the latest in cheerleading all in a safe and fun environment.  Camp will include cheerleading motions, cheerleading jumps, cheer and dance routines, tumbling, stunts and conditioning.  Snack and t-shirt are included in the fee.  Add a ½ Day Flexi to make it a full day.  Please make note on where the camp is held as we will use PSA 1, PSA Murphy and PSA McKinney.  Also, we do offer different times during the summer, so please check if it is a morning or afternoon session.

PSA 1                                                                                     



PSA Murphy                                                                                              



PSA McKinney                                                                                     


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