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Martial Arts Camps





Martial Arts Camp

Martial Arts Basic Skills Camp

PSA Martial Arts is proud to offer our 43 years of experience teaching children.  PSA Martial Arts was rated one of the top 200 schools in the country and #1 in Plano by the "Plano Insider".  Bottom line, we offer the best Martial Arts Summer Camps!

These innovative and professionally designed camps offer children ages 5 to 14 an exciting and productive summer of fun!!! 


Our dedicated and professional staff are focused on providing a safe and positive learning environment for all campers, while allowing them to have a fun and productive summer camp experience.  As a Licensed Child Care Center, our summer camp is overseen by our Child Care Director and is staffed with professional Martial Arts instructors, senior staff members, and care givers.


Each day, campers participate in an age appropriate Tae Kwon Do class led by Professional Black Belt Instructors.  Campers can expect Improvements in Coordination, Physical Fitness, Focus, and Discipline.  The Martial Arts Instruction also offers valuable Self-Defense Skills and Increased Self-Confidence.  Campers will participate in the same class curriculum as a full time PSA Martial Arts student, allowing them to continue their martial arts training once the summer is over.




Martial Arts Belt Camp

In our Martial Art Belt Camps kids learn firsthand how focused effort pays off! They will advance through our Tae Kwon Do curriculum including belt test promotions while developing skills, increasing their level of fitness, making new friends, and having fun. Belt Camp participants are eligible for a special belt test the last day of camp.


Martial Arts Belt Camp. This option is offered at PSA 1.
PSA Martial Arts Academy instructs campers in developing traits such as confidence, self‐discipline, better listening skills, honesty, integrity and much more. Earn a belt in one week. You will learn all the skills you need to jump to the next belt color. Five days of instruction and a snack is included in the fee. Make it a full day with a Finish the Day Flexi Add‐on.
Ages 5-14 March 12th -16th 1:00 to 4:00pm PSA 1 Price: $190





Weapons/ Weapons Design/Lifgt Saber Jedi Training Camp




Light Saber Jedi Training Camp


Light Saber Jedi Training Camp will refine fundamentals, learn new techniques and develop more effective competitive

strategies. Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away the Jedi Knights protected the innocent from evildoers. Now is your

child’s time to join the Jedi ranks and become heroes! All participants will learn how to train their mind and body to

become the greatest heroes of all time. Jedi trainees will learn how to wield a light saber to fight off the evil Sith warriors

and save the universe! At this camp, your child will learn how to use the light sabers in theatrical fighting, participate in

strength and agility training using various exercises and games, and learn a Jedi Light Saber Pattern.


Weapons/ Weapons Design

Weapons/ Weapons Design/Light Saber Jedi Training Camp
This camp will allow participants to experience a variety of Martial Arts weapons in an age appropriate setting of safety and fun. Students will have the opportunity to work with Bo staff & Nunchakus with a camp instructor. Students not only learn how to properly use each weapon (all weapons are padded), but they will also learn about the origin and history of each weapon. Includes the light saber! Bring your Nerf Gun for some serious Nerf fun wars!
Ages 5-14 March 12th 16th  8:30 to €11:30am PSA 1 Price: $190





Make it a full day with a ½ Day Flexi add on.





 Sign up on line through "MYSAM" or you can stop by PSA  or call Karen at PSA Martial Arts, if you are having trouble registering.

For more information call 972.208.3817 or email 









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