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Fall Football
FALL 2017
Outdoor Football is Currently Registering
Tackle Cost $142 per player, $2430 per team
Flag Cost $90 per player  $1170
PSA Football Weigh-in/Shop Day

Saturday July 29th Allen Dick's Sporting Goods

August 5th 9am-2pm at Frisco Dick's Sporting Goods

August 20th 6pm-8pm at PSA1

PSA Football Shop Day Saturday July 29th Frisco, Garland, Galleria Dick's Sporting Goods
Registration Close Sunday July 30th at midnight
Tackle Coaches Meeting

Sunday August 6th  7:00pm at PSA 1

Wednesday August 9th  7:00pm at PSA 1

Outdoor Flag Coaches Meeting Sunday  August 20th 7:00pm
Game Days Saturdays @ Hoblitzelle Park-  Tackle and Outdoor Flag
PSA Football Shop Day Saturday August 19th Allen, Frisco, Galleria, Garland Dick's Sporting Goods
Pre-Season Jamboree Saturday September 2nd
Regular Season Start Saturday September 9th
Post Season Start Saturday November 1st
Super Bowl (Last Day of Season) Saturday November 11th
Ball Carrying Weights

Maximum Ball Carrying Weights For Tackle Football

Ball Carrying Weight

2nd grade 80 pounds or less
3rd grade 90 pounds or less
4th grade 105 pounds or less
5th grade 125 pounds or less
6th grade 135 pounds or less


All Players are responsible for their own equipment.

Indoor Flag

Indoor Fall Flag:  2nd - 6th Grade


Registration Opens

July 13

Registration Closes Monday August 21st
Coaches Meeting Agust 27th  @7pm  PSA1
Season Begins September 11th
Playoffs Begin TBD

Fees- $97 per player/ $1164 per team

  • 8 game season, plus playoffs, games will be played indoors
  • Games Played Sunday through Wednesday
  • Mostly Sunday Games




*Registration for Murphy and McKinney-specific leagues is available.  However, in the event that there are not enough teams or individual registrations to make full Murphy or McKinney leagues, the league will be merged with a Plano league.  Those teams merged with the Plano league will then be designated as Murphy or McKinney-area teams. Games between Murphy-area teams or McKinney-area teams will be played at their respective PSA facility when available.


**Murphy Area teams—Place an M in front of your team name at the time of registration to ensure we get as many games scheduled in Murphy as possible.


***McKinney Area teams—Place an MC in front of your team name at the time of registration to ensure we get as many games scheduled in McKinney as possible.


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