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TaeKwon-Do For The Entire Family

Building Future Leaders, One Black Belt at a Time.



Our goal is to create a family friendly atmosphere. Enroll in a program where the whole family can train and have fun together, while building life changing characteristics and leadership skills. While learning self-defense techniques, families will be learning how to stand proud together, improving self-confidence, and empowering each individual.

The positive effects of the Martial Arts are astounding (increased self esteem and confidence, better grades, improved manners and respect, fitness and self defense). You can expect to see these values instilled in all students who wish to experience the "Martial Arts Advantage."


Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons


The Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons program is geared specifically for children ages 3, 4, and 5, because it is never too early to start building those life long skills and characteristics that ensure a child's success. The curriculum focuses on motivating the students through the use of goal setting devices, and a stripe curriculum so the child learns to start recognizing and achieving goals. Throughout the program your child will see an immediate increase of self-confidence and self-esteem, and build a foundation of gross motor skills, coordination, strength, and self-defense.

Juniors, Adults, & Family

program-tkd-familyJuniors and Adults can train together in a safety-first, family friendly atmosphere. Families can improve their fitness level, maintain a high quality of health, and incoporate leadership life skills. The first three leadership life skills taught are goal setting, confidence, and black belt attitude. With these qualities incorporated your family will be part of more than just another sport or physical activity.

Develop a respectful, courteous, and leadership attitude together.

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