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Welcome to Rugby!


- This is a wonderful sport as most players find out, that is played in around 130 countries.


- Rugby embodies more elements from other sports than any other sport.


- Rugby has a tradition of camaraderie, sportsmanship and respecting opponets and officials. 

- PSA rugby has been a continuous program since its founding in 2000.


- The PSA program currently caters to boys and girls ages 7 - 18.



- The main season is spring with matches played from February through April.


- Preseason "no obligation" practices for new players to "check out rugby" start in December


- Youth rugby is one of the fastest growing team sports  in the USA. 


- Many of our graduating rugby players have gone on to represent their respective colleges.


- Some players have gone on to represent national teams.


- Most colleges have a rugby program and many now offer rugby scholarships.


- Many of our graduatiing playesr have gone on to represent their respective colleges.

- Some of our players have been selected for USA national teams.


 - 25% of rugby players in the USA are female!

- Rugby was last played in the Olympic games in 1924.  

- The current Olympicsa gold medal holder is the USA!


 - Rugby's 7 on 7 version is being reintroduced into the 2016 Olympic Games.


- The International Rugby Board (IRB), is the governing body for the sport worldwide.


- USA Rugby ( is the governing body in the USA


- Rugby Texas (, overseas youth rugby in Texas.


For registration fees and other information please check the Spring Information tab.


Rugby Videos clips:  USA Youth Rugby promotion clip  PSA Plano Rugby Under 15s  PSA Plano Rugby Under 19s 
Contact information:
PSA Rugby Director: Nick Marketos,   214-726-9190 


Upcoming Events

Spring 2014 preseason practices started  December 2013.

Check Spring Information Tab for dates, times and locations and more information about the program..



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