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Fall 2017 Post-Season Tournament

 The Volleyball Post-Season Tournament schedule has been posted for Grades 7-12. Grades 7-12 will play on Saturday, November 18th. Any team wishing to drop from the tournament will forfeit their scheduled matches with a score of 0-25. Find your team quickly by pressing "CTRL + F" or "command + F" and typing in your team name.




Awards available for pickup at your tournament site:

1) League Champion trophies (1st place during regular season, as listed on Standings in DASH)

2) First place post-season tournament trophies

3) Second place post-season tournament medals


Trophies/medals which are not collected on your league's tournament day will be transported to your team's home facility by the following weekend. Trophies which are not collected by the start of the winter season (December 9th) will be returned to PSA for use in future seasons.


Grades 7-12


Level Location
7th Grade-Plano PSA 1 Plano
7th/8th Grade-McKinney PSA McKinney
7th/8th Grade-Murphy PSA Murphy
8th Grade-Plano PSA 1 Plano
9th/10th Grades-PL/MU PSA 1 Plano
11th/12th Grades-PL/MCK/MU PSA 1 Plano
Grades 7-12 @ PSA 1 in Plano
Grades 7-12 @ PSA McKinney
Grades 7-12 @ PSA Murphy
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