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Outdoor Fields:

11/12 @ 10:00 AM:

All fields are open and playable for Sunday, Nov 12.



All scheduled Baseball,Softball, and


Soccer Games for Sunday, Nov 12  are


being played as scheduled.

















Hot Weather Guidelines <----- CLICK HERE





NOTE: If fields are closed due to weather, teams MUST NOT be on fields



Weather Policy

In case of inclement weather, playing conditions shall be determined by the City of Plano.  Games may be postponed if weather conditions present a serious hazard to either players, coaches, officials or the conditions of the playing field. At game time or during play, the head referee/umpire on the field will make the decision. Any league or play-off game which has been postponed shall be played at a later time specified by PSA Staff.


a.      The fields in which PSA uses for its Fall and Spring seasons are owned by the City of Plano and decisions on whether the fields are playable is determined by the City at 3pm, Monday-Friday


b.      On Saturdays and Sundays, fields are checked by PSA Staff or league coordinators and every effort is made to update the PSA website 1 hour prior to start of games. Note: because weather conditions vary by location, PSA defers to coaches and parents to use their best judgement regarding safety and weather-related cancellations


c.       If the City of Plano keeps fields open for play, PSA officials/referees/umpires have final say AT THE FIELD on whether the playing conditions are safe for continued play


d. Conflicts submitted may not be honored in the event of rescheduling games due to weather.






PSA has the following steps in place in case of lightning:


a.      PSA staff, officials, coaches, and parents are to use the My Lightning Tracker App (6-mile radius) – Here’s a video on how to download the app and set it up


b.      If lightning is visible during a game, the referees/umpires should clear everyone from the field and/or dugouts for 30 minutes.  If there is no more lightning, the game can resume.  If at any time lightning appears again, the 30-minute clock will begin again. 


PSA tries to reschedule games within 7-12 days from the date of cancellation



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