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Badge Information


How to get a Coaches Badge

To ensure the safety of our youth players, PSA requires all Adult Volunteers (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, etc.) to submit and pass a Criminal Background Check. Once the Background Check has been submitted and cleared, all volunteers will be issued a Current Coaches Badge containing the volunteer's name, picture and expiration date of badge.   These volunteers are listed on the team's roster which contains the player's contact information.  Adult Volunteers MUST be wearing a CURRENT Coaches Badge to sit on the team bench during a game.

Coaches Badges must be renewed every two years by submitting and passing a new Criminal Background check.

How do you get a Coaches Badge?  Follow these easy steps:

·         Click on the link below.  This link will take you to the online form to complete and submit your application.


Tips for getting the program to successfully accept your background check application.

·         Please fill every field of information.  Use NA if field does not apply.

·         You will receive an instant notification upon your form being submitted successfully.  Should you not receive the successful submission notification, please re-enter your information.  Make sure all fields have the information or NA.


What Happens Now?

·         The background check normally takes 3 to 5 business days but may take longer during a heavy registration period.  Remember you MUST have a Coaches Badge to coach or be an Adult Volunteer.

If you are a NEW Coach:

  • Once your background check has been cleared, you will receive an approval email.  You may then come to PSA 1 from Monday through Friday between 10am – 4pm to pick up your badge.  Don’t forget to bring your driver's license!

·         All Adult Volunteers must be listed on the team’s roster.  Please contact the Head Coach to make sure you’re listed on the roster before coming to pick up your badge.

If you previously have had a Coaches Badge and are just renewing it:

·         Once your background check has been cleared, you will receive an approval email.  You may then call us at 972/208-5437 at PSA 1 from Monday through Friday between 10am – 4pm.  We can verify your information and mail your badge as we already have your picture.

·         Lost your badge?  Replacement badges are $15 and can be obtained at PSA 1.


Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.


Thank you.



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