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PSA has four sports facilities:


PSA 1 Center
6500 Preston Meadow Drive
Plano, Texas 75024
972-208-5437;  208-3801 (fax)

GREEN, BLUE, RED Basketball/Volleyball Courts

601 Seabrook Drive
Plano, Texas 75023

SILVER Basketball/Volleyball Courts


PSA Murphy                                                                     
330 N. Murphy Road
Murphy, Tx  75094

Basketball/Volleyball Courts and a Turf Arena

PSA McKinney                                                           
7205 Eldorado Pkwy.
McKinney, TX  75070

Basketball/Volleyball Courts and a Turf Arena


Front Desk Hours at PSA1

Monday - Friday:  10:00am - 5:00pm

and Thursdays until 6:00pm

* hours are subject to change



When was PSA formed?
PSA was established in 1970 by several Plano civic leaders to provide management of youth sports for the youth of Plano.  At that time, these city leaders made the decision that a non-profit, “non-city” organization was the best direction for youth sports in the city of Plano.


Who owns PSA?
PSA is an independent, non-profit corporation with a charter to provide youth sports to Plano and the surrounding areas.  There is no stock or ownership, per se.  PSA owns all buildings, PSA 1, PSA 2, PSA Murphy and PSA McKinney and is responsible for the mortgages.


How big is PSA?
PSA has four buildings with 38 courts and four multi-purpose turf arenas serving soccer, flag football and other turf sports.  In 2015, PSA had approximately 104,000 registrants. This makes PSA the largest youth sports organization in Texas and one of the largest in America. 


Who runs PSA?
PSA has a Board of Directors who oversee the operation of PSA.  In addition, PSA has a VP over sports who oversees all sports and a Chief Administrative Officer who handles all financial responsibilities.  Both report to the General Manager, currently a volunteer. Each sport is governed by a board consisting of a Sports Director and League Coordinators.  A majority of sport board members are volunteers. 


Where does the money go at PSA?
PSA, as a non-profit, falls under the State of Texas rules for non-profits.  The Board of Directors, consisting entirely of volunteers, draw no salary. Primary costs include mortgage, officials, staff, utilities and maintenance. Any monies remaining at year-end are considered for investment projects the following year.  Examples of projects include debt reduction, new turf, field conversion at Russell Creek, light conversion, etc.


What is PSA's sports philosophy?
PSA believes in providing youth an opportunity to play sports, both recreational to select.  We also believe that properly managed youth sports provide the very best in family fun and the development of children.


What is the relationship between PSA and the City of Plano, City of McKinney and the City of Murphy?
PSA is an independent, non-profit corporation.  PSA does rent fields and land from the City of Plano and the City of Murphy.  PSA also rents school gyms and fields from Plano Independent School District, McKinney Independent School District, Frisco Independent School District and John Paul II High School.


How is pricing set at PSA?
The sports are budgeted at “break-even” based upon financial cost estimates and sport forecasting. The non-sport activities such as Concessions and The Shop provide positive cash flow to PSA which is used to support PSA projects and assist the individual sports leagues reducing the fees.


Who plays at PSA?
Approximately 60% of PSA players are from Plano/McKinney/Murphy with the remainder from all over the metroplex.  PSA consists of roughly 70% indoor sports and 30% outdoor sports.


Does PSA offer adult sports?
PSA provides adult soccer and basketball leagues at PSA2 and PSA McKinney.  It is PSA's intent in the near future to offer adult volleyball.


Does PSA provide financial assistance to players?
PSA provides a limited number of scholarships each season to youth players who are not able to afford the registration fees for PSA sports.  Visit the PSA SCHOLARSHIPS page for details. 


Who determines the rules for PSA sports?
The rules for individual sports are decided upon by the Board governing that particular sport.


Does PSA pay their coaches?
PSA sports league coaches are volunteers.  PSA Skills, Club and Clinic coaches receive pay for their coaching services.


PSA Officals
• PSA basketball officials are the most experienced in the area and many are UIL certified and direct UIL games for PISD and other districts.
• All officials receive training every season as we have small rules changes and want to stress different things each season.
• We have a UIL Certified Basketball Official on staff.
• Coaches have an opportunity to comment on officials when they put in scores online. These comments are reviewed by upper management every week. In some cases, we require additional training or in the worst case, removal.
• We have official’s supervisors at the buildings and at the parks during our games to mentor officials.
• Many of our officials come from former PSA players. Be nice to them as your child may be one someday.
• The youngest players often receive our beginning officials.


Late Games
• In the Fall and Spring, we have Volleyball games beginning in the morning and basketball games beginning later in the day. We have just changed the schedule in Murphy to allow earlier games for Basketball.
• We are moving up basketball games to be earlier whenever possible.
• As long as there is space, we will continue to try and end games as early in the evening as possible.


• The front desk should be able to answer 95% of your inquiries.
• Emails are the best way to reach the Sport Directors.
• Our website,, is a great resource to provide information and answer your questions.
• If you are having difficulty with a coach, try talking to the coach first, second, a volunteer League Coordinator. If you do not receive a resolution, please contact the Sport Director. Contact information for the Sport Directors and League Coordinators is on the website.
Fair Playtime Rules
• All of our recreational sports have fair playing time rules posted on the website. If you feel your coach is not playing according to the rules, contact your Coach first. Then, if necessary, escalate to the volunteer League Coordinator and/or Sports Director.
Signing up on Sports-It
• We are aware that the first time that you register with us, it may be confusing On your second registration, it should be much easier!
• 85% of you successfully used MySAM to register the first time!!

How does PSA communicate with players, parents and coaches?
All PSA customers must have an online account through the MySAM registration system.  At time of account creation, or anytime thereafter, the customer can opt-in, or choose, to receive correspondence via e-mail.  A current e-mail address in MySAM is essential for customers who wish to receive e-mail game reminders and other PSA correspondence.


How does PSA communicate weather-related cancellations?
The City of Plano communicates to PSA all weather-related field closures by 4:00pm, Monday-Friday.  PSA then updates the CANCELLATIONS page on the PSA website.  Any field closure determinations made after 5:00pm are called by an official at the applicable field.  On Saturdays and Sundays, fields are checked by league coordinators approximately 1½ hours prior to the start of games.  Every effort is made to update the PSA website 1 hour prior to the start of games.  Note: Because weather conditions vary by location, PSA defers to coaches and parents to use their best judgment with regard to safety and weather-related cancellations.


How can I become a PSA coach?
The quality of PSA is a direct reflection of the involvement and quality of its volunteers.  PSA deeply values the time and effort put forth by those who volunteer their time coaching and assisting with various sports programs.  A minimal time investment up front is all that is required to get started; register in MySAM and complete an online Coaches Application.  A PSA Customer Service Assistant will be happy to assist you with any questions.


What happens after I register for a sport?
The registration life cycle takes place in 4 distinct steps:  registration, team assignments, scheduling, and, lastly, the playing season.  After registering for a team, there will be a wait period before receiving correspondence from PSA.  During this time, PSA employees and volunteers have set into motion the steps necessary to form teams, assign divisions and, ultimately, the rosters/teams for the season.  It is upon completion of the team assignment phase that you will be notified by a coach with information regarding the upcoming playing season.


When can I expect to see my game schedules?
When a sport registration comes to a close, PSA personnel work behind the scenes to form teams, divisions and, ultimately, leagues.  Each cycle of the league-building process can be time-consuming, oftentimes resulting in a schedule publication date close to the season start date.  This timeline is not always optimal for the customer, but is a direct result of the rather lengthy registration life cycle.


My schedule says I play on a red, blue, green or silver court.  What does this mean?
Red, Blue and Green courts are located at in our PSA1 facility; Silver courts are located at PSA2.  Games scheduled for PSA Murphy and PSA McKinney are numbered 1 to 8.  Your schedule will indicate the facility where your game will be played.


Why am I playing in West Plano when I live in East Plano?
The City of Plano allocates to PSA each season a number of fields that PSA rents for leagues and activities.  Field assignments are determined by a team’s division, not a player’s residential address.  For this reason, PSA cannot accept player and/or team field requests.


Does PSA hold personal checks?
Effective June 1, 2011, PSA no longer holds checks.


What is PSA's refund policy?
The Refund Policy can be found on the front page of the website under LINKS.

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