Softball FAQ

Q: Where does PSA play games?

A:  Fields are assigned by the City of Plano.  We have no control over where we play and we won't know where we play until after registration closes.  The City of Plano assigns fields based enrollment numbers.  This is one reason why the schedules are not completed until about a week before the season starts.  Please be patient.  

Q:  What time will the games be?

A:  Game times are Saturdays (8am-7pm start times), Sundays (1pm-5pm start times), and weeknights (6pm and 7:30pm start times).  Fields are assigned by the city based on the number of players/teams in the league.  They assume that we have 2 games a night during the week and assign fields accordingly. We are given just enough slots to play our games.  We try to minimize the 7:30pm slots during the school year by playing more Sunday games.

Q:  When does the season start?

A:Our spring season will begin Friday evening, April 29th for Kid Pitch & up (4th grade Kid Pitch through High School).  The Kindergarten through 4th grade MKP teams will begin their season on Monday, May 2.  Due to field allocation, not all teams will play the first night.


Q:  Where do teams practice?

A:  Practices are organized by the coaches.  PSA does not track nor know what days of the week a coach practices nor do we know where he practices.  Once you are assigned a team, we cannot change you because of the practice days/times.  Please work with your coach to come up with a solution that best meets everyone's needs.

Q:  How does my child get on a team?

A:  When completing the registration, please be sure to fill in the school your child attends.  For those in pre-school, please put the school that they will be going to for kindergarten.

We use the school/zip code to place kids on teams.  We place kids as close to the school/zip code as best we can.  This is easier in the younger groups, but as teams get older and come in formed, it may be difficult to get a neighborhood team.  We do the best we can based on what slots are available.  There are no guarantees.

Q:  What if our team has a schedule conflict?

A:  Coaches, please submit schedule conflicts prior to the coaches meeting.   Submit conflicts if there are certain dates that your team cannot play.  We cannot guarantee conflict dates, please be sure to put only those that would stop you from fielding a team and therefore would result in a forfeit.  Please do not submit a schedule conflict if your 'best' player won't be there or if the head coach cannot be there.  There are always assistant coaches willing to step in to help for a game or two. 

The more conflicts you list, the less likely you are to get all of your requests and the more unbalanced your schedule will be.  We cannot schedule around individual player's other sports. We will make sure that if a coach is the head coach for 2 or more softball teams that their initial schedule will not contain conflicts, however, if we get a lot of rain and have a lot of reschedules, we cannot guarantee that there will not be conflicts.  

Once the schedule is published, we do not re-schedule any games other than for PISD events. Please remember that when we make a schedule change it affects 26 families.

Some of the key things that we are always asked to change the schedule for are listed below.  If we do not know about the ahead of time, we will schedule your team and will not be able to re-schedule if you cannot get a team together:   First Communion, Adventure Guide, Girl Scout Campouts, Band Concerts, 5th Grade Graduation, etc.

Team Size/Team Make-up

Our goal is to make sure that every child that wants to play softball has a team. Teams must have a minimum of 13 players.  Teams with fewer than 13 players will be filled from open registration. If you wish to carry fewer than 13 players, the team will be required to pay for the extra slot(s) before registration closes.  Once registration closes, if that slot(s) is not paid for, we will assign a player to your team.  The only exception to this is that if we do not have enough kids in open registration to fill your team to 13. In that case, you will not be responsible for paying for that 13th slot.

If your team has more than 13 players each player will have to pay the individual registration fee including the 14th and 15th player.  Team fees are based on a 13 player roster; however, the #14 and #15 players still have to pay for registration.

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