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Sports In Murphy:

Indoor Soccer
Outdoor Soccer thru 3rd grade




Basketball Skills
Soccer Skills

FAQ-PSA Murphy

Where is PSA Murphy located and when will it be open?

PSA Murphy is located at
330 N. Murphy Road
Murphy, Tx  75094
We hope to be open Oct. 15th at 3pm. 

What are the hours at Murphy?

Murphy will be open Monday-Friday 3pm-8pm (front desk hours) with court times until 10pm, Saturdays from 8am-10pm and Sundays 1pm-8pm.

When will the first camps be offered at Murphy?

Currently the first camps will be offered Spring Break 2014.  We will have Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer Sports Camps as well as an All Day. 

How do I find out what programs are offered at Murphy?

You can look on the Murphy webpage for links to the various programs offered.  For this winter we will be having Winter Basketball, Soccer and Winter Dance Team.  We also will be having Winter Volleyball. 

What Leagues will have games at the PSA Murphy Building?

Murphy Area teams will practice at PSA Murphy.  We will try our best to have leagues that will play all of their games at  PSA Murphy.  During this inaugural year this might not always happen.  We will do our best to get as many (if not all ) of your games at PSA Muphy. 

-For our Murphy customers, Winter Volleyball will be playing games at PSA2, but Murphy teams may practice at PSA Murphy.

-Winter Basketball Recreation League have practices and games at  PSA Murphy.  as well as practices.  The Competitive Leagues will have games in Murphy whenever possible.  Any team that wants to, can have their practices assigned to Murphy.  Look under the Winter Basketball tab to see how teams are formed.

- Winter Indoor Soccer-  In Murphy we are offering Winter Indoor Soccer Leagues from Prek-K through 2nd grade.  Older leagues will have to play at our other buildings. 

When will Mother’s Day Out be Offered at PSA Murphy?

We will offer Mother’s Day Out beginning  in the Fall of 2014.  Look for Registration to open in the Spring.

What is the best way to register for Programs at PSA Murphy?

The best way to register at PSA Murphy is to log on to your MySam page

 and scroll through all the offerings.  You can narrow down choices by picking Seasons and Leagues.    As you can see many of the offerings are labeled Murphy and you can easily tell where a program will be offered

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