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3on3 Basketball League





3on3 is Back!! Tournament will be August 19th-20th


Registration Closes 8/9









Round Robin play-minimum 4 games 




Dates: Saturday August 19th and Sunday August 20th   

Use this as a preseason warm up for fall seaosn




Location: PSA 1 - 6500 Preston Meadow Drive, Plano Tx 75024  



Cost: $275 a team-max 5 players 




Medals for 1st place and runner up


Who should play in this league?


  • Every player that wants to improve their skills.
  • Players wanting to make their future school team!
  • Teams getting ready for the PSA Fall Basketball season!


What are the benefits of playing 3on3 Basketball?


  • More, more, more...on average players will get 40% more touches on the ball. (shots, handling the ball, passes, rebounds, etc..) when compared to the conventional 5on5 game.
  • Everyone is a guard … because the game requires the ball to be moved quickly, all players need to share in the handling of the ball. This requires that players learn how to dribble with their head up and look to move the ball quickly.
  • Players must defend … 3on3 is far more challenging to defend than 5on5. The nature of the game will force players to develop their individual and team defensive skills, particularly help side and ball containment.
  • Offensive movement … the basic principles of offense used in 5on5 basketball are essential to the 3on3 game – screen & cut, pass & cut, screening away, hard curls, drive and dish, etc.
  • Speed and quickness are of the essence … with the limitation of time and space, players are required to get the ball in play faster than the 5on5 game which provides for more shots, passes, rebounds, defending opportunities, etc.
  • Use your team uniforms!
  • Get ready for the Fall PSA Basketball season!  The 3on3 league DOES NOT interfere with the Fall season!
  • … and it’s just FUN!




     🏀 Round Robin Tournament 🏀






2 Day Tournament

minimum 4 games 


August 19 and August 20

(fall season practices start August 28th)


Registration Closes 8/9- full payment required

*schedules released Monday 8/14


Some grades may be merged depending on number of teams registered

  Location:  PSA 1 6500 Preston Meadow Drive, Plano Tx 75024


Cost: $275 - up to 5 players


Grades: 3rd-12th (boys and girls)

Medals awared to top team and runner up in each rec division


Recreational Team Registration ONLY!

(No select teams)

WBBL Season November-February


Round Robin Format, team with best record will receive 1st place trophy

In the event of a tie (teams with same record) team with most points scored will be declared winner





3on3 Rules  

(Click The Link Below) on 3 Rules 8.17.23.pdf



Coaches Meeting: 


 Tuesday 8/15 at 7:00pm


Click here for Zoom invite link:
Meeting ID: 884 0318 6003
Passcode: 3on3


Please Call PSA Customer Service:





 PSA1 Map Location Entrance



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