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Information for Coaches


We are always in need of coaches. If you are interested in coaching or want more information, please contact PSA at 972-208-5437 to be connected with the Basketball Director of your league. Please contact the one you need below:
PSA Recreational Leagues
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade - Chelsea Williams -
3rd Grade, 4th Grade - Marcus Patton -
5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade - Mikaila Newton -
8th Grade, High School Boys, High School Girls - Daniel Roque -
Select Leagues - Toya Hawkins -
·        Each team is allowed a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach.  The coaches must be adults, 21 years or older with a current PSA application and coach badge.
·        A coach must fill out a coach’s application, which includes consent to a background check, every two years.  All applications expire on December 31st. of the appropriate year.
·        Beginning in the winter of 2013, all coaches will be issued badges. These badge must be worn/displayed prominently by all coaches involved in the game.
·        The Head Coach is responsible for the conduct of all persons connected with their team (Assistant Coach, players, parents and fans). 
·        All coaches on the bench need to have badges in order to be on the bench and coach.  A team cannot play if their coach does not have a badge. 
What basketball rules govern PSA Basketball games?
All games scheduled by the PSA Basketball Program are played under the National Federation of High School (NFHS) rules except where modified by the PSA Basketball Rules.
Our goal is to make sure that every child that wants to play Basketball has a team to play on.

Teams must have a minimum number of players.  Non-Club Teams with less than the minimum can request players from the individual registration pool.

Coaches and/Managers are responsible for collecting the full PSA Team fee. PSA Team fees are based on rosters of 10 players per team. If a coach decides to go with an 8-Player roster, the team is still obligated to pay the entire PSA Team fee.   Typically this means that your price per player will increase.
What about Uniforms?
Uniforms are NOT provided for in the registration fee so there is an extra cost for that. PSA offers a first rate uniform shop that provide everything from quick, inexpensive reversible uniforms to nicer, trendier uniforms. You are not required to use the PSA Uniform shop but you do need to follow the PSA rules for numbering and sizes.
·        All uniforms shall have numbers on the front (4”) and back (6”).
·        Numbers may be up to 2 digits (0-5)
·        Reversible uniforms are recommended but not required and new uniforms should have the PSA logo on the front
·        Uniforms are not included in the registration fee. The team is responsible to purchase their own uniforms and they can be purchased from the PSA Shop (972-208-3860).
·        When possible, the Home Team should wear light colors. The home team has the option to wear their preferred color. If the two teams’ jerseys are the same color or similar colors and are not reversible, then one team can obtain loaner pinnies from PSA. To check a set of pinnies requires either a set of keys or a driver’s license. 
Important: The officials have the right to determine uniform / pinnies at game-time.
What about Practice?
PSA offers practice facilities for you should you so desire. Practices vary from season to season but there are generally 8 practices allotted for Fall, Winter and Spring.  
What if our team has a schedule conflict?
Coaches, please submit schedule conflicts prior to the coaches meeting.   

Submit Conflicts if there are certain dates that your team cannot play.  We cannot guarantee conflict dates, please be sure to put only those that would stop you from fielding a team and therefore would result in a forfeit.  

Please do not submit a schedule conflict if your 'best' player won't be there or if the head coach cannot be there.  There are always assistant coaches willing to step in to help for a game or two.
 Valid reasons to submit a schedule conflict:
·        Insufficient number of players to field a team which would result in a forfeit
·        Religious holiday(s)
·        School functions involving majority of team
 Note: The Coaches Tool allows you to submit a maximum of three conflict requests per season.

Disciplinary Actions
Disciplinary action may be taken against a coach/player for violation of the rules and/or code of conduct.  Depending on the severity of the infractions, a recommendation may be made to suspend the coach/player for the remainder of the season or ban the coach/player from all PSA sponsored events.
·        Fighting will not be tolerated.  Players or coaches, who fight, start or attempt to instigate a fight, will be expelled from further league play.  There are no refunds to players expelled from the league.
·        Violation of playing time rules is not tolerated.  League coordinators will investigate all suspected playing time violations.  If it is determined that a coach violated the playing time requirements, then the coach will be counseled on the rules and given a warning.  Any further violation will result in an automatic one (1) game suspension.  A coach, who continues to violate the playing time rules, will be brought to the attention of the Basketball Board for disciplinary action.  Disciplinary action may result in additional suspension or immediate replacement of the coach.
·        Two (2) technical fouls against a player or coach will result in ejection from the game.  Any ejection also carries an automatic one (1) game suspension.  The suspension will be served in the next scheduled game (regular season, tournament or playoff).
·        Any spectator who demonstrates rude or abusive behavior will be required to leave the game site immediately.  This behavior may cause the team to be assessed one or more technical fouls.
Who can I contact if I have other questions?
Each Grade Level has a separate League Coordinator for boys and girls division. The League Coordinator typically move forward with their division from year to year to provide continuity and oversight of the grade level and divisions.
While you are free to contact Director or the Front Desk (972-208-5437), you can also contact your League Coordinator as well. 

Current contact information can be found at:
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