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Are teams CO-ED?
Girls are allowed to play on boys teams. Boys are not allowed to play on girls teams.
Can my child play on multiple teams?
Yes. With these restrictions:
 - Can only play on one team per grade. 
 - Can play in their current school grade and higher.
 - Cannot play on two teams in the same grade level (even if the teams are in different divisions)
How does my child get on a team?
A – Individual Player Pool
We use your school/zip code to place kids on teams.  We place kids as close to the school/zip code as best we can. This is easier in the younger groups, but as teams get older and come in formed, it may be difficult to get placed on a neighborhood team. For older players, PSA will look at their skill level to assist in placing the player on a team.

When completing the registration, please be sure to fill in the school your child attends. For those younger players that are in pre-school – input the Elementary School they will be attending.
You also have the chance to state your child’s experience level. There are many excellent players in the PSA leagues so please state your child’s experience appropriately.  

Beginning player. Not much basketball knowledge. Just learning basic skills.
Can dribble, shoot and has working basketball knowledge. Has some game experience.
The player has the skill set to play and be productive with teams full of intermediate & advanced players.

Your child may be placed on an existing team that has requested additional players or your child may be placed on a newly formed team.  While we do the best we can based on the available slots, there are no guarantees regarding placement on a team. All coaches are volunteers.

B – Joining an Existing Team*
If you are joining an existing team you will typically follow the coaches instruction for getting placed on the team. This usually takes the form of:

 Coach’s Invite
Coach sets the roster and sends you an invitation to join.
 Coach’s Instruction
Coach may have you pay them directly and add you to the roster upon payment.
You register your child and request the team/coach. While this approach is
usually not a problem, the coach controls the roster. You play on their team at their discretion.

*Coaches for existing teams are responsible for collecting the full PSA Team fee. PSA Team fees are based on rosters of 10 players per team. If a coach decides to go with an 8-Player roster, the team is still obligated to pay the entire PSA Team fee.  Typically this means that your price per player will increase.

C - Joining a Club/Select Team
A number of excellent club teams participate in the PSA basketball leagues. Club teams typically practice more often and tend to have paid coaches. If your desire is to move your child to one of the club teams, you will need to reach out to them yourself to determine their requirements, philosophy and fees. We have a "Select Advisory Board" to help you out. They might have a team for your child or can help direct you to someone who would. You can find them on the "Select Basketball" page at the top.   

Your child will still have to be registered with PSA and the club will have to abide by the PSA rules for their league, grade, and division. Otherwise, we have no other role with the management of club teams.

What about Uniforms
Uniforms are not included in the registration fee so there is an extra cost for that. Your team coach will source uniforms and let you know the exact cost. 

What about Practice?
Practices are organized by the Team Coach. Some coaches use PSA Facilities (which include PSA + numerous Public School gyms) while others use private facilities (such as Church gyms). 
We don’t keep track of individual team practice nights as they relate to player/family preferences. Once assigned to the team, the coach selects the practices days that work best for the overall team. We encourage you to work with your coach. If that should fail, you should contact your League Coordinator.

Other Questions / Contact Information
 The PSA Basketball Leagues are structured as follows:
PSA Recreational Leagues
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade - Chelsea Williams -
3rd Grade, 4th Grade - Marcus Patton -
5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade - Mikaila Newton -
8th Grade, High School Boys, High School Girls -Daniel Roque -
Select Leagues - Toya Hawkins -
Each Grade Level has a separate Sports Manager for boys and girls division. The Managers typically move forward with their division from year to year to provide continuity and oversight of the grade level and divisions.
While you are free to contact Director or the Front Desk (972-208-5437), you can also contact your League Coordinator as well. 

Current contact information can be found at:
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