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SkyView Court and Arena Live Stream


Attention PSA 1, Murphy and McKinney Customers



PSA rolled out a new Camera Video viewing application called PSA SkyView back on November 30, 2020 at our PSA1 location. Over the holidays we have upgraded our software allowing for streaming of games and practices to the internet from Murphy and McKinney, as well as PSA 1. You are no longer required to be in the parking lot at Murphy or McKinney to access the cameras. We are now streaming live games and practices to the internet from PSA Murphy, PSA McKinney and PSA 1.



Let’s Get Started:

Go to and on the Home page look for the PSA SkyView link. This will take you to the new home page of PSA SkyView which allows you to select the building your child is playing in. Please select the building by clicking its name or photo to begin.


After selecting your building, you should see the list of games and practices upcoming or currently underway. The schedule will begin 15 minutes prior to the start of games/practices and will be updated 15 minutes prior to each change. If you don’t see your game or practice listed, you can always select the court from the drop-down menus at the top of the page.



Click on the court in the schedule grid or select the camera from the drop downs at the top of the page that you want to watch and…

Here is your view!



Most devices require that you hit the play button on the lower left corner of the screen to start the video playing. Also, you can rotate your device or hit the maximize button on the bottom right of the video to go full screen.

If you are having trouble, please use the “I am Having an Issue” button in the application.

Disclaimer – please understand the quality is limited by the fact we are using current security cameras not equipped with current streaming technology. We are re-purposing the cameras during the current Covid-19 restrictive times for families to watch their children.

Please note that due to the bandwidth required for this process, there will no longer be public Wi-Fi access in the parking lots of PSA 1, PSA Murphy and PSA McKinney. Also, you are not able to get to SkyView on the PSA public Wi-Fi – you must be on cellular data if you are in or near the buildings.


Based on previous feedback, it is important to note that there is no sound with these streams. The cameras that we are using unfortunately do not have internal microphones. While we understand this isn’t the same as being there, hopefully until we make it through Covid safely this will allow you to still be part of your child’s practices and games.

Send to Grandparents, friends and relatives and sit back and enjoy!

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