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Parental Code

Parental support is critical to the success of all of our sports programs. The majority of parents, whose children participate, are well behaved. The PSA wishes to thank all those parents for their excellent behavior and to enlist their support in this up coming season.
Unfortunately some parents believe they have a role that is often greater than their knowledge and understanding of the game. While parents do play a big role in supporting the children who are actually playing, some parents believe that part of that role includes reviewing an official’s call or helping coach their team from the bleachers. Sarcasm, negative remarks and unsolicited advice have never helped a child enjoy his or her sporting experience.
Just like at home when your child falls, it is sometimes better to let your child pick themselves up rather than always stepping in to do it for them. Unfortunately, as hard as we all try, not all situations in sports are fair. Show your confidence in your child by letting him/her face a problem, deal with it and then move on, just as we do as adults. Remember, the PSA is about organized sports for kids only.

1. You are your child's number one role model. 
2. Allow the coach to coach the team! Keep your sideline comments to supportive ones only. Do not yell instructions to the players, coaches or officials.
3. Relieve the pressure of competition by helping players enjoy practices and games. Players feel enough pressure on their own. 
4. Help the coach and your player by making sure they are on time and properly equipped for all practices and games. 
5. Treat all participants (players, coaches, officials and spectators) with the same respect that you would want for your own child.
6. Learn all you can about the game. Before you attempt to interpret the laws of the game, be sure you know and understand them. 
7. Show your appreciation for good play, no matter who makes it. 
8. Remember the game is for the players and no one else. Do all you can to support them. 
9. Take an active interest in how participation in sports affects your child. Help them know that good sportsmanship is as important as winning.
10. Support the team, club, and league, as they strive to give your child a positive experience. Volunteer when you can. Say "thanks" to those who give their free time.

Together we can build the best possible sports experience for our children. 

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