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Fall Timeline

Fall 2018 Timeline (Dates May Change)


Monday, July 23rd Registration Opens
Monday, August 20th
Registration Closes (9/25 Roster Lock Date)
Saturday and Sunday, 8/4 and 8/5 Dicks Sportings Goods PSA Discount!!
Thursday, August 23rd Coaches Meeting at 7pm PSA1
Monday, August 20th Team Conflicts Entered in Coaches Tools Due by Midnight - No Exceptions
Wednesday, August 29th Schedules Published in MySAM
Tuesday, September 4th Opening Day
Sunday, November 4th Regular Season Ends for Coach Pitch - High School
Sunday, November 18th Season Ends for Jr Tball, Tball, & Mod Tball
Monday, November 5th End of Season Tournament Begins for Coach Pitch - High School
Sunday, November 18th End of Season Tournament must be complete


*Dates subject to change due to weather


Fall Fees

League Fees

Fee Team Fee Games Postseason Tournament
Jr. TBall $54 $702 8 No
TBall $54 $702 8 No
Modified TBall $54 $702 8 No
1st Grade Coach Pitch $78 $1,014 10 Yes
2nd Grade Coach Pitch $78 $1,014 10


2nd Grade MKP $78 $1,014 10 Yes
3rd Grade Kid Pitch $85 $1,105 10 Yes
4th Grade Kid Pitch $85 $1,105 10 Yes
5th Grade Kid Pitch $90 $1,170 10 Yes
6th Grade Kid Pitch $90 $1,170 10 Yes
7th/8th Grade Pitch $95 $1,235 10 Yes
High School League N/A $1,300 10 Yes



Kindergarten Mod Tball is for players who are entering Kindergarten (Fall 2018)
Tball is for players who start Kindergarten in Fall 2019
Jr Tball is for players who start Kindergarten in Fall 2020 or later but must be 3 by September 1, 2017

Uniforms are NOT included in the fee.

**Minimum roster size is 13 players per team.
If a team wants 13 or FEWER players they must pay the team fee (13 players) by close of registration. 
Maximum roster size is 15.  If a team wants more than 13 players they will pay the team fee PLUS the individual registration fee for the 14th and 15th player(s). 
PSA will fill rosters to 13 players.
When registration closes if a team HAS NOT PAID the team fee; players at $0 (have paid no money) will be dropped from the team and players from individual registration will be added to teams.

PSA will place individual registration players on teams based on school / neighborhood when possible.
Most PSA coaches are parent volunteers.



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