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Fall League Information


New PSA Basketball MySAM Registration Process: Click Here 

  If you want to coach.  Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click on the link below to complete background check
  2. Create MySam account
  3. Email Rec league director:



The recreational league will be run separate from the select league with different rules and practices.


The recreational league fits with the historical PSA view of recreational sports being the core of PSA

  • Team and Individual Registration
  • Boys and Girls Leagues K - 12th Grades Recreational
  • K - 4th play games at PSA1, PSA McKinney, and PSA Murphy.  5th - 12th may play in either PSA1, PSA McKinney, PSA Murphy or PSA2. We cannot take requests for game locations.
  • 8 Game Season, No Playoffs.  Uniforms not included in registration fee
  • Practices Available - Full Court and Half Court (Practices are during the week)
  • No Practice Team Fee Available
  • Most games Played on Friday (6pm-9pm), Saturday (1pm-9pm at PSA2)-(3pm-9pm) at PSA1,PSA McKinney)-(9am-2pm at PSA Murphy), Sunday (12pm-7pm). Teams generally play one game per weekend, but could be on any one of these days and times.  Teams could play earlier just based on availability.
  • Players may not play down lower than the grade they are currently enrolled in school
  • Individual players may only play on one team per grade (McKinney, Murphy, Plano). They may play in the grade they are currently in and up a grade, but not on two teams in the same grade.  Does not matter if the teams are in different divisions or locations.  This also includes the select league.
  • Refunds are not given for practice issues.  Coaches request practices and we cannot take individual players practice requests.
  • Register your teams early with a 10 player roster for an exciting fall season.  Your team will be an “open” team when your roster is under 10 players with a balance for individual players with no team, will be allowed to join your team.  When your team is paid in full it will be “closed”.
  • We will try to fill all rosters to 10 players when players are available.  We cannot guarantee to have players available. If players are not available PSA is responsible for the remaining team fee (if the team is made up of all players from individual registration) or we may combine teams. 
  • Please DO NOT register a team if you have less than 7 players on your team.  Register in individual registration.



For more information e-mail Toya Hawkins, Rec League Director at




Fall Timeline

Important dates

Registration Opens Monday July 10, 2017
Registration Closes

Thursday August 18, 2017 - Team only

Tuesday August 22, 2017 - Individuals only

Mandatory Coaches Meeting

Sunday August 27th @ 2pm-3:30pm  PSA Murphy

Sunday August 27th @ 5pm-6:30pm PSA1

Monday August 28th @ 7:30pm-9:00pm PSA McKinney

Practices Begin Monday September 4, 2017
Season Begins Friday September 8, 2017
Roster lock date Tuesday September 19, 2017
Practice Ends Thursday October 26, 2017
Season Ends Sunday October 29, 2017
Schedule Released Wednesday September 6, 2017

No Playoffs



Fall Fees

Important dates

Individual Registration Fee (includes 1/2 court practice) $120.00
Team Registration Fee - (No Practice) $995.00
Team Registration Fee - (Weekly 1/2 Court Practice) $1200.00
Team Registration Fee - (Weekly Full Court Practice) $1395.00

Team fees must be paid in full to be placed on the schedule.  Please let your league coordinator or the Director know if you need players added to your team.  If you do not then you are responsible for the team fee.



Team Practices Options

Coaches put their requests for day, time and location into our coaches tool and are assigned practices.  We will try our best to accommodate most requests so you want to try and get them in early.  Generally our youngest teams practice at our earliest times.  We start assigning teams at 6pm and the last practices start at 9pm.  Teams that want to practice earlier than 6pm usually get their request no matter what their grade.

No Practice Teams cannot have players added by PSA

½ Court Practice Teams will be given ½ of a basketball court for practices and players can be added by PSA

Full Court Practice Teams will be given a full basketball court for practices and players can be added by PSA

*Teams must be paid in full in order to be put on the practice schedule*


Division Requests

  *Divisions, Practice time/locations and Conflicts must be requested through Coaches Tools (Click on the picture below).
*Division and Practice requests need to be submitted by August 21st. Conflicts requests by August 30th.

 Coaches have a choice between recreational divisions  A, B or C in some grades.

  • Division A is for very competitive teams (K-3rd grade) (no playing time rules)
  • Division B is for experienced teams.
  • Division C is reserved for beginner teams or teams that won three games or less in a previous season.


In grades that offer select league divisions, there will be no recreational league Division A.  Teams seeking this division should move to the select league.  Any tournament players or tournament teams need to play in the Select league.

  *Playing time rule will not effect 9-12 grade teams. (unless it is a team created from individual registration)







Toya Hawkins has been with PSA since 2014.  Toya played for Raytown South High school varsity basketball team in Kansas City, Mo as a 4 year started at the point guard position.  She averaged 25.6 points, 4.3 rebounds and 4.8 steals per game her senior year and was named Kansas City Player of the Year and All-State Runner Up Player of the Year. She was an all-state athlete in basketball, track, and softball.  She graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2003 and finished her career in the top 5 in the record books for minutes played, steals, and assists, then top 20 in points, games started and played, 3 pointers made and attempted, and free throws percentage.  She also played professionally overseas in Romania and other countries.  She is currently playing for the Dallas Diesel Basketball Club.  She is also currently coaching at Shelton School.

 Toya graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Oklahoma State University in Sociology with an emphasis in Forensics and a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from American Public University.





Questions:  e-mail


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