PSA Basketball Winter Playoffs Information

PSA Basketball Winter Playoffs, Practice and Trophy's

TROPHY’S:  All Kinder through 2nd grade teams will receive participation trophy’s. 
PLAYOFFS:  All teams in 3rd grade and up girls and boys automatically are in the playoffs.    Playoffs begin Tuesday February 12.  Playoffs end for all teams Feb 24.

If you know your team will not be participating in the playoffs, let your league coordinator and myself know by Feb 8 if possible.  Please do not wait until the scheduler is working on the schedule to let us know.  All teams will be scheduled for the playoffs unless we hear from the coach.
CONFLICTS:  Individual Team conflicts cannot be accepted for the playoffs.
Please make sure your win loss record is correct including your standings.  If you have scores not entered or not correct, please e-mail so we can enter scores or make corrections as needed.  Also send your league coordinator and myself  your correct standings, if they are wrong, as they will need them for the team seeding.   For the remainder of the regular season and for the playoffs, please check the score sheets on the table at your game to make sure the scores are written down correctly.  That would help ensure we get the scores recorded correctly.

Your divisions will not stay the same as it is now.  Some teams will be moved up and some down.  The number of teams in your division could change.  Also the total number of divisions in your grade may change.  Just letting you know that there will be changes in most grades.


  3rd & 4th grade could play at 6, 7 or 8pm.
    * Postseason playoff game schedule will be posted online at, click on the basketball icon at the top.  The playoff schedule will be posted on the home page of the basketball web site.  It will not be in your My Sam account.  Please let your parents know where to find the schedule                                                  
    * All games will be played at PSA1 and PSA2, PSA McKinney or PSA Murphy. This is a double elimination tournament.
    * The number and size of the playoff brackets will be determined by the league coordinators and the entire basketball board.  It is based upon regular season records.
Tiebreakers in the season Standings:
·         1st   tiebreaker: Head to head competition (only if just 2 teams)
·         2nd tiebreaker:  head to head point differential (only if just 2 teams)
If there are a 3 way tie then head to head and point differential will determine the tiebreaker.

    * 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be given out for 3rd-6th grade.  1st and 2nd for 7th and up.
    * Trophies will be available for teams to pick up at the front desk at PSA1 & PSA2, PSA McKinney and PSA Murphy, immediately following the games.
Questions:  e-mail your league coordinator


2018-2019 Rec Winter Playoff Brackets
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