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Select Advisory

  This group is our advisory committee for the Select League:

Parents are able to contact if they are looking for a team for their son or daughter.

James Waits


James Waits Crush Boys: Grade 5th and 9th


Carl Hale

Carl Hale Texas Rebels Boys: Grade 4th-10th grade



Terrance Durham


Terrance Durham Spartans 

Boys:  Grade 3rd-7th



Tex Rembert


Tex has more than 12 years of basketball skill training experience. He has trained over 50 Division 1 College players, and over 500 high school players. Tex is well respected by his peers, high school, and college coaches in the area as one of the best basketball skills trainers in North Texas.

Tex Rembert Penguins

Boys: Grade 4th-9th

Penguin Youtube Channel

Penguin Instagram

Penguin Facebook










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