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Winter League Information



           WINTER BASKETBALL   2021-22





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The PSA Basketball Program is the largest basketball program in the Metroplex, with over 20,000 kids participating in our leagues each year.  We offer players programs for every level of basketball from recreational to competitive in grades Kindergarten to 12th.  Along with our league play, we offer School Ball Try-out Prep Program, Skills Academies, Clinics, Camps, 3 on 3 and regular Tournaments throughout the year.  PSA also offers Adult Basketball Leagues for men and women, in addition to our Youth Leagues, making us your one stop shopping for basketball.  PSA is worth the drive!  More Leagues with better competition, we have teams from all over the metroplex.  More places to practice, PSA Plano Area, PSA Murphy & PSA McKinney has 38 courts, gym space in PISD (Plano) and FISD (Frisco and Frisco/McKinney border).  All games are in our facilities and we use schools as well as our facilities for practices.


DASH/MySAM Registration Process:

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The recreational league will be run separate from the select league with different rules and practices.

The recreational league fits with the historical PSA view of recreational sports being the core of PSA.




  • Team and Individual Registration for Boys and Girls Leagues in K-12th Grade,
  • Games played: Fridays 6-9pm, Saturdays 8am-9pm, Sundays 12pm - 8pm. 
  • Teams generally play one game per weekend, but could be on any one of these days and times. All games are played on a full basketball court at one of our 4 facilities.
  • Kindergarten through 2nd grade play 8 games and 8 practices and all players receive Participation Trophies at the conclusion of the season.
  • 3rd grade and above teams play 8 practices and 8 regular season games plus a 2 game guarantee post season tournament. All teams make the end of the season tournament. 1st , 2nd, and some 3rd place teams in 3rd-6th grade from the tournament will receive trophies. Only 1st, 2nd place teams in 7th and above will receive medals.
  • Individual Registration:  Individual registration fees include a half court practice. Individuals may not make any practice requests. Coaches make requests for day, time and location of practices.  Coaches requests are unknown when teams are formed therefore it is not possible to match up individuals with teams based on practices.
  • Uniforms are not included in the registration fee.
  • Returning Team Players should contact their coach before registering.This will prevent paying the wrong amount or duplicate payments.
  • Individuals requesting a particular division will not be granted due to the space available on teams.  When all existing teams are full then new teams are formed.
  • Individual players may only play on one team per grade (McKinney, Murphy, Plano). They may play in the grade they are currently in and up a grade, but not on two teams in the same grade.  Does not matter if the teams are in different divisions or locations.
  • A team is full if they have 10 players paid or the team fee is paid in full. Your team will be an “open” team when your roster is under 10 players with a balance for individual players with no team, will be allowed to join your team. When your team is paid in full it will be “closed”. We will try to fill all rosters to 10 players when players are available.  We cannot guarantee to have players available.
  • Only 1/2 court practice slots will be availiable for all grades.





   1. Complete Background check    



Winter Timeline


Registration Opens

Oct 3rd

Registration Closes


Nov 2nd

Nov 9th- 7th/8th Grades only


Roster Lock Date

Dec 20th

Coaches Meetings

All locations


  New Coaches Zoom Meeting-Nov 17th-7pm

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  Returning Coaches Zoom Meeting-Nov16th -7pm

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Prosper Coaches Zoom Meeting-Nov16th -8pm

                 Join Zoom Meeting click here!

Practice Begins

Nov 28th- practice schedules released 11/21

Season Begins


Dec 2nd- game schedules released 11/25

No Practice due to Holidays

Dec 19th- Jan 2nd 2022


Practice Resumes

Jan 3rd - 2022

Regular Season Ends

Feb 12th

K-2nd grade teams will receive participation trophies

Post Season Tournament Dates

(3rd Grade and up)

Feb 14th-26th

All teams (3rd & Up) advance to tournament.

2 game guarentee for playoffs

Trophies awarded for 1st/2nd place teams, 3rd place teams in divisions of 7 teams or more.

No conflicts submissions accepted.

Winter Fees




Fees: Winter 2021-22

Individual Registration Fee: $150

Team Fee:$ 1500

No Practice Team Fee: $1300

Total team fees are due in full by close of registration.


No Practice Teams

Teams that register for no practice do not have a practice assigned or players added by PSA. All no practice teams are responsible for paying the full team fee.


½ Court Practice Teams

Teams that choose ½ court practice option will be given ½ of a basketball court for practice.


Full Court Practice Teams- (not availiable for Winter 2021-22)

Teams that choose the full court option will be given a full basketball court for practice. *No Full Court Practice option for K-4th grade teams.


Requesting Practice Times

Coaches put their requests for day, time and location into our coaches tool and are assigned practices through our automated practice tool.  Generally our youngest teams practice at our earliest times.  We start assigning teams at 6pm and the last practices start at 9pm.  Teams that want to practice earlier than 6pm usually get their request no matter what their grade. Practice schedule will be posted Nov.30th (tentative) 


  • Teams Choices for Practices

o   Any of PSA’s 4 Facilities:  PSA 1, PSA 2, PSA Murphy, PSA McKinney



  • Days and Times for Practices

o   PSA Facilities:  Monday through Thursday 4 – 9pm start times 

o   Fridays at PSA Facilities only 3:30pm or 4:30pm (No 5pm Practice slots available for Winter)


Filling Rosters

PSA does add players to the teams that are practicing with us as needed.  We fill teams up to 10 only, unless we receive a special request by a coach for more.  If teams pay the full team fee we do not add to their teams.  All teams must be paid in full or ask PSA to fill the team in order to be put on the game schedule.  Teams that do not want PSA to add players are responsible for the total team fee.

When registration is over, all unpaid players will be removed from teams that we are adding players to, before adding the new players to the team.  No players may be unpaid on a team unless the team fee is paid in full by the coach.


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