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Plano Starettes Dance Team




The Plano Dance Team consist of dancers from Kinder thru 7th grade. The Plano Dance Team is a winter sport and performs at the following locations- PSA and PSA2. Dancers are not required to have prior dance experience to be part of the team.



Age Levels:  Kindergarten-5th Grade
(Kindergarten-aged girls must be enrolled in Kindergarten)

Once registered girls are divided into their appropriate dance group.


Registration Fee:  $95

*Uniform costs are not included in Registration Fee and will be ordered seperately. Uniform not to exceed $70.


*Dance shoes and black dance pants are purchased individually.


Registration Begins

 September 25, 2017

Introduction/ Trial Workout 

Coming Soon

Registration Closes

November 25, 2017

                   Parent Meeting                         

November 30, 2017

PSA Dance Room @ 6:00pm

First Official Practice

 Week of December 4, 2017
Coach will inform you of practice day and time


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