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Fall Football
FALL 2020
2nd-6th Grade Outdoor Tackle
Tackle Cost $150 per player
Flag Cost TBD
PSA Football Weigh-ins/DICKS Shop Days


PSA Shop Day All Sports


Registration Close August 4
Tackle Coaches Meeting


Game Days

Tackle is played on Saturdays with week night games possible

Indoor Flag is played Sunday-Thursday at any PSA Location

Regular Season Start Saturday September 12th
Post Season Start TBD
Super Bowl TBD


Teams Registered


Maximum Ball Carrying Weights For Tackle Football

Ball Carrying Weight

2nd grade 80 pounds or less
3rd grade 90 pounds or less
4th grade 105 pounds or less
5th grade 125 pounds or less
6th grade 135 pounds or less


All Players are responsible for their own equipment.

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