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Fall Information

  2021 Fall Softball




Questions? Call PSA Customer Service at



Fall 2021 Coaches PowerPoint Meeting



Registering as an individual?

  • Log in to your MySam/DASH account or create one here.
  • Click "register" - Click "teams & leagues" - Click "individual" - Click "your child's name"
  • Find the correct softball league. Players should register for the grade in which they will attend for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Make your payment. Any questions - call Customer Service at 972-208-5437.
  • Players will be placed based on zip code & school, when possible, after registration closes.
  • You will be contacted by your coach after the coaches meeting.

Already on a team?

  • Log in to your MySam/DASH account.
  • Find your child's name and then the correct softball team.
  • Click the blue link "make payment" and type in the registration fee.
  • Make your payment. Any questions - call 972-208-5437

Want to Volunteer to Coach?




Registration Opens (Kinder - 12th Grade)


Registration Closes – All player fees must be paid by this date!

August 17

PSA Shop Days at Dicks Sporting Goods

August 20-22 & August 27-29

Coaches Meeting & Equipment Handout (Mandatory for all coaches, all age levels)

August -18 @ 6:30pm (Via Zoom)

Team Conflicts Due (Coaches Tools on PSA Website)

August 19 @ 9:00am

Pre-Season Team Practices (For teams paid by in FULL only)

Click HERE for information & details on how to reserve a practice

Pitching Clinics (3rd grade and up)


Season Schedule Posted in DASH

August 25 by 5pm

Season Begins

August 28

Season Ends

November 7



*All dates subject to change due to weather.
*Conflicts will NOT be accepted for the Post Season Tournament.
*Every effort will be made to prevent conflicts between PSA Softball and other PSA sports.




Kindergarten - 12th Grade Fall 2020 Fees & Format 
Grade League Base Distance Pitching Dist. Ball Size Fee # of Games Post Season Tourn. Trophies
Kinder Mod T-ball 50 30 10 inch soft "safety" ball $70 8 No Yes - All
1st Coach Pitch 60 30 11 inch soft "safety" ball $92 8 Yes 1st & 2nd
2nd Coach Pitch 60 30 11 inch soft "safety" ball $92 8 Yes 1st & 2nd
3rd Mod Kid Pitch 60 30 11" softball $95 8 Yes 1st & 2nd
4th Mod Kid Pitch 60 35 11" softball $95 8 Yes 1st & 2nd
5th Kid Pitch 60 35 11" softball $95 8 Yes 1st & 2nd
6th Kid Pitch 60 40 12" softball $95 8 Yes 1st & 2nd
7th/8th Kid Pitch 60 43 12" softball $95 8 Yes 1st & 2nd
9th-12th Kid Pitch 60 43 12" softball $95 8 Yes 1st & 2nd
  • All players are responsible for paying the individual fee
  • Uniforms are NOT included in the fee
  • All 3rd through 12th grade batters are required to wear a batting helmet with a facemask attached
  • Minimum roster size is 13 players per team for 1st through 12th
  • Minimum roster size is 12 players for Kinder Mod T-ball
  • PSA will fill rosters to 13 players when needed
  • Teams may have more than 13 players, but EACH PLAYER MUST PAY the individual registration fee
  • Post Season Tournaments for 1st-12th grades only



Games can be scheduled 7 DAYS A WEEK (Mon-Sun)


SEASON CONFLICTS - We do our best to avoid conflicts with other PSA Sports if the MAJORITY of your team plays another sport with PSA.  Please provide the other sport and team name when submitting team conflicts for the season


PRACTICES - Practices are up to the discretion of the Head Coach. Once teams are formed, coaches will inform parents and players of a practice time, day and location for their team. We do not place players based on when or where a team practices because that information is not available during the registration/team formation process. 


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