Basketball FAQ

Q:  How many seasons of basketball is offered in a year?
A:  4 Seasons of League play a year, fall, winter, spring and summer.  Summer League is a team only
     registration; we do not take individual registration.  We have a wait list for kids who want to play
     but do not have a team.

Q:  How many teams do you have in a season?
A:  Winter season is the largest 700 teams, Spring 530 teams, Summer 300 teams, Fall 350 teams

Q:  What grades do you offer?
A:   All grades from Kindergarten through High School, Girls and Boys.

Q:  Where are games played?
A:   All games played at one of our two facilities, PSA 1 (6500 Preston Meadow Dr.), or PSA2 (601 
       Seabrook Drive.

Q:  Do we register by grade or age?
A:   Register by the grade you are currently in for all seasons except summer.  In summer you register
      in the grade you will be in the fall.

Q:  May my child play on more than one team?
A:   A player may only play on one team per grade.  They may play in their grade and up a grade.  Players
      may not play down a grade from the grade they are currently in school.

Q:  May my child register as an individual or do they have to have a team?
A:   You may register as an individual player and you will be placed on a team.  If you have a team that
       your child is on she may register for that team.

Q:  Why do you need to know what school my child attends?
A:   Players are added to teams by school or area the player lives.  Teams are also formed by school
       whenever possible.

Q:  May I request to play with my friends?
A:   Yes, you may!   When you register put your friend’s names in the “Request to play with friends
      section”.  We do our best to put you and your friends together, when possible.

Q:  When and where does my child practice?
A:   Practices are scheduled at both our facilities, Plano ISD and Frisco ISD.

Q:  Who requests where teams practice?
A:   Coaches request where they would like to practice.

Q:  What time may we practice?
A:   The younger grades get the earliest times for practice.  Kg, 1st and 2nd generally receive 6pm,7pm
       slots.  Then we work our way up to the latest slots which is 9pm.

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