Volleyball FAQ's

Q:  What is the goal of the PSA Volleyball program?

A:  Our goal is to provide an instructional program for children to have fun while learning the sport of volleyball.  They play with their friends and have the opportunity to meet new friends.  They learn life skills such as team building, good sportsmanship, time management, and competition.


Q:   How many games do they play?

A:  During the fall and spring seasons, we play 8 games and 2 tournaments with 1 practice per week.  During the summer season, we play 6 to 8 games and 1 tournament with no practices.  During the winter season, we play 6 to 8 games with practices or no practice team options.


Q:  When are the games played?

A:  Most all games are played on Saturday.  PSA  reserves the right to play on other days should the size of the league warrant it.


Q:  When are practices?

A:  The practice day and time is requested by your coach and assigned by PSA.  Until a practice day and time is assigned, we can not guarantee any particular day and time.  Our goal is to have all practices at a PSA Facility. 


Q:  Do you have paid coaches?

A:  No. Our coaches are volunteer parents, relatives or other adults.  If your daughter’s team does not have a coach, parents from that team will be asked to volunteer to coach. 


Q:  Can I coach even if I’ve never played volleyball and I don’t know anything about it?

A:  Absolutely!  Usually each season, we hold coaches clinics to help prepare you.  We have videos and books available for borrowing and, best of all, we have league coordinators who volunteer and will help teach you the mechanics of the volleyball skills, how to run practices, and game strategy.


Q:  How do I get my daughter on a team?

A:  If you daughter has not previously been on a team previously, she will need to register through open registration.  We will place her on a team based on which school she attends.  If a team from that school is not available, we will place her closest to her home school.  If your daughter is a member of a returning team, you can register through your coach.  Our summer and winter season are a team only registration.  Individual players will be placed on a Wait List.  Coaches needing players will select players from that list.


Q:  Can I request a specific coach for my daughter to play for?

A:  Yes, during registration, please supply the name of the coach you are requesting.  Your daughter should register as early as possible.  ALTHOUGH WE WILL MAKE EVERY ATTEMPT TO SATISFY YOUR REQUEST, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE  THAT YOUR DAUGHTER WILL BE PLACED ON THAT COACH’S TEAM.


Q:  Is this a recreation program?

A:  Yes, we offer a recreational, instructional league.  We amend regular volleyball rules such as net height, serving line, court measurements, etc., so that it is a kid-friendly learning environment.  We also offer player clinics.


Q:  Do you have anything more competitive?

A:  Yes.  We offer competitive leagues for 5th grade and above.  The rules of the competitive division follow more along the rules for school team play.


Q:  Does PSA provide the uniform?

A:  No.  Parents are responsible to purchase their player’s uniform.  Kneepads are recommended but not required.  The coach will give direction on purchasing the uniform.


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