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Plano Starettes Dance Team




The Plano Dance Team consist of dancers from Kinder thru 7th grade. The Plano Dance Team is a winter sport and performs at the following locations- PSA and PSA2. Dancers are not required to have prior dance experience to be part of the team.



Age Levels:  Kindergarten-6th Grade
(Kindergarten-aged girls must be enrolled in Kindergarten)

Once registered girls are divided into their appropriate dance group.



Registration Fee:  $115

*Uniform costs are not included in Registration Fee and will be ordered seperately.

Uniform not to exceed $85.

*Dance shoes and black dance pants are purchased individually.


Registration Begins

October 4, 2023

Registration Closes

November 26, 2023

First Official Practice

 December 7, 2023
Coach will inform you of practice day and time


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