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Great Information for our Murphy Area PSA Family!

PSA is so excited to open our new Murphy facility! The building is located at 330 N Murphy Road, Murphy, 75094 and offers 8 dual purpose courts and an indoor arena! 

What does this mean for our PSA Murphy families? The location of this building certainly offers a more convenient location for practices, games, skills academies, camps, and other PSA activities and events. We listed answers to some frequently asked questions below that you might have. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact one of our friendly Front Desk Staff Members at 972/208-5437 or email Starla Seabaugh, Volleyball Director, 
Frequently Asked Questions for PSA Murphy’s First Winter Season:
1. What sports/activities are being offered at PSA Murphy?
 For the winter season, we are offering Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball leagues along with Basketball Skills Classes and Soccer Skills Classes. Information can be found on your MySAM registration page or on our website under Basketball or Soccer tabs.
2. How do I register my child for a sport or activity?
If your family doesn’t currently have a MySAM account, you’ll need to create one first.  Instructions have been included at the bottom of the FAQs. If your family already has a MySAM, you’ll log in and follow the registration process. You may also register in person at PSA Murphy, 330 North Murphy Road, Murphy, 75094. Our Registration Desk hours are Monday through Friday- 3pm to 8pm, Saturday-8am to 10pm and Sunday-1pm to 8pm.
3. Can I be assured if I register my child as an Individual Registration, they will practice and play at PSA Murphy?
We are segregating our players by Murphy area and Plano area. It is our utmost intention all children living in the Murphy area will practice and play at PSA Murphy. That being said, there are variables.
All teams formed from Murphy area Individual Registration will practice at PSA Murphy.  If we have enough Murphy area teams to create an all-Murphy area league, they will practice and play games at PSA Murphy.
If we don’t have enough Murphy area teams to create their own league, we will combine those teams with our leagues from the other PSA Plano area teams. But, we will attempt to schedule any games between the Murphy area teams playing each other at PSA Murphy.
4. Will the Murphy area volleyball season dates and fees be different from the Plano area leagues?
No! The season dates, fees, etc. are the same for all.
5. How are teams formed?
Teams are formed by neighborhood schools and zip codes.  Once the teams are formed, parents are contacted to volunteer as coaches.
6. As a coach, how do I register a team?
Easy! Follow our instructions included in the links below. You will also be able to “invite” players to your team electronically.
7.  As a coach, do I have to have a full team to register?
No, we will fill in any open spots through our Individual Registrations. Don’t forget to check with your child’s friends from school, Scouts, church, etc.
8. As a coach, what do I need to do after I register my team?
You will need to complete a Coaches Application which includes a background check. You will also need to request a practice day/time/location and division placement request through our Coaches Packet. A link to the Coaches Packet is in the Information Downloads.
9. Can I rent additional court times beyond league practice?
Court rentals at PSA Murphy, as with our other facilities, are based on availability. Contact our Front Desk at 972/208-5437 for reservations.
10. Will you have adult sports at PSA Murphy?
We will have adult sports at PSA Murphy but not for the first winter season.
11. Will tournaments be held at PSA Murphy?
Some tournaments will be held at PSA Murphy. We will have winter basketball league tournament at PSA Murphy when possible. Outside tournaments will be held at PSA Murphy beginning in Summer, 2014.
12. Will PSA Murphy have food concessions?
PSA Murphy will have a full service food court. Yum!
13. Will PSA Murphy have a uniform shop?
PSA Murphy will not have a uniform shop.  Teams can place uniform orders through The Shop at PSA, located at PSA 1, 6500 Preston Meadow Drive, Plano 75024, and have the convenience of picking up the completed orders at PSA Murphy.
14. Will PSA Murphy have camps?
Yes! We will have camps at PSA Murphy beginning Spring Break 2014. Information should be  available early January 2014. We will be offering FlexiPass and Sports Camps with early and late pick up all Summer, 2014.  Information should be available for Summer Camps around March 1st.
15. Will PSA Murphy have outdoor sports?
Yes, we will offer outdoor sports at PSA Murphy. Fields will be located in Plano (both east and west Plano locations)
16. How do I get to PSA Murphy?
Due to the North Murphy Road construction, the best entrance is from the south. Use the south entrance to PSA Murphy across from the Fire Station.  Parking is available on the north side of the building by the front entrance.  Entrance via Shirehurst Road will not be available until the construction has been completed.
Informational Downloads:  (Click on form to download)
Click here for Winter League information to find out the registration dates and fee information. Should you need any assistance, please contact us at 972/208-5437 or email
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